Project meeting and EuroSkills 2010 competition in Portugal, Lisbon 4.-13.12.2010
Saturday 4.12. Sunday 5.12. Monday 6.12. Tuesday 7.12. Wednesday 8.12.
Arrival of participants

12:30 – 18.30

Meeting at the hotel.
Approving of the agenda.

Minutes of the last meeting in Istanbul , Synthesis of the projects results so far

Presentation of work packages and tasks supporting them. Each partner will present their own project results made according the work packages (tasks, working methods, targets, schedule)
9.00 – 12.30

Technical discussions continuing…

Financial discussions, details concerning the project payments (Each partner must prepare themselves with questions before the meeting)


Planning of future programme
10.00 – 20-00

Expert training session run by CE Olavi Lähteinen and ESPO organization (See the attached Skills Management Plan)

13:00 – 16.00

Detailed discussions about evaluation of the EEWT project (Dr Seppo Helakorpi of Häme University of Applied Sciences)
Thursday 9.12. Friday 10.12. Saturday 11.12. Sunday 12.12. Monday 13.12.
!st official EuroSkills 2010 competition day
2nd official EuroSkills 2010 competition day
3rd official EuroSkills 2010 competition day
EuroSkills 2010 final ceremony

Departure of participants
Departure of participants
The memorandum of the meeting (Word document)
The sixth project meeting, Portugal 5. – 13.12.2010 (Word document)
Seppo Helakorpi, Lisboa 2010 (PowerPoint document)