Workpackage no:1, Administration
Workpackage leader
Turku Vocational Institute is the leader and coordinator of the project and takes responsibility for this package.
The promoting organisation has been engaged to ISO 9000/2000 -criteria since the year 1998 and development work of EFQM-system in co-operation with international partners was started in year 2002 in a Leonardo project called Quality in VET-schools. In general the quality management of the ModVoc Project is run by the same standards as the one of main coordinating institution.
Workpackage aims
Wp 1 aims at ensuring of meeting the objectives and timetables, managing of financing and reporting of the project procedures and their quality.
Description of activities
Ensuring of meeting the objectives and timetables, managing of financing and reporting the project procedures. Operating of the project and its quality. Website construction. Arranging of international steering group and project meetings in Finland. Participating of the train the trainer courses in all international meetings. Organizing of national network including steering group and external relations with companies and educational authorities. All partners are involved and will participate on their share in general administration, website construction, meetings and building of national networks.
Description of methodological / pedagogical framework (where relevant)
Each level of the project organization works according a preliminary programme (see attached) controlled by the project team and the steering group. In the working group there are 7 persons, of whom some have been working as experts in national skills competitions and WorldSkills organization. Meetings and seminars are arranged every sixth month and external WSC and national competition experts control all the products on competition field. Members for all levels will be named in the first project meeting in Rotterdam (9/08). The Project Co-ordinator is Mr Matti Haapanen and Chief Technical Expert Mr Olavi Lahteinen. Industrial partners and companies are invited to send their participants to all working group meetings with own expense. After the Rotterdam meeting (9/08) there is open access for all experts of European and World Skills Organisation (incl. non-European partners) to participate the working groups meetings. External evaluation will be carried through before the end of the project (9/10), when all products have been finished are ready for use.
Description of outputs
Administration and reporting required by LdV Programme. Report on project meeting. Learning space environment (Moodle) provided and used throughout the project as a project management tool.