Analysis of the competence which are essential in vocational skills competitions
Here is the data from the research. Data collected by using Web-based Webropol-questionnaire tool. The web-addresses sent to answers and they answered the questionnaire on the net. Questionnaires sent to from WP 2 aims at sharing best practices of former ModVoc project, receiving feedback from partners and collecting of data of each country´s national level, comparing them together, comparing them to the needs of industry in each country and the needs described on the Technical Outline (TO) of EuroSkills competition and the Technical Descriptions (TD) of World Skills competition. However the main target is analyzing the skills competences which are essential in the Electronics vocational skills competitions which are arranged on each partner country´s national level and international level (EuroSkills) competitions.
Questionnaires and questions based on the O*NET database and Electrician job. Here is the linkt to O*NET database: and to the job discription of Electrician: Below you can find the links to the questionnaires and the summary of the collected data.

The questionnaire for vocational school and training centres (answered by VET teachers in the school) (pdf-document)

The questionnaire for companies (answered by employees or employers in the company) (pdf-document)

Summary of the answers of the schools and the companies (Word doc-document)