Workpackage no:2, Analysis of the competence which are essential in vocational skills competitions
Workpackage leader
HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Vocational Teacher Education College together with Turku Vocational Institute will take responsibility for this package.
Workpackage aims
WP 2 aims at sharing best practices of former ModVoc project, receiving feedback from partners and collecting of data of each country´s national level, comparing them together, comparing them to the needs of industry in each country and the needs described on the Technical Outline (TO) of EuroSkills competition and the Technical Descriptions (TD) of World Skills competition. However the main target is analyzing the skills competences which are essential in the Electronics vocational skills competitions which are arranged on each partner country´s national level and international level (EuroSkills) competitions.
Description of activities
Collecting of data during benchmarking visits in companies, project meetings and seminars, individual working and working in teams. The data will be collected by means of special inquiries and interviews of representatives of working life and will be dealt with both in national and international working groups. The views of several different people and groups will provide a wide background for the interpretations, but the final result will be the common view of the matter. If possible the collected data will be tried to analyse by means of statistical methods, in which case the possible misinterpretations will be eliminated.
Description of methodological / pedagogical framework (where relevant)
The acquisition and creation of new knowledge will be realized by means of group work and will base on case studies carried out in working groups. Information relating to the fundamental questions involved in the working life context of competition tasks will be collected by making inquiries and interviewing representatives of working life. The starting point of the inquiries and interviews will be the national/international curricula, and attempts will be made to find out whether the targets of the curricula are up-to-date.
Description of outputs
There will be three final outputs for this package: 1. A handbook consisting of curriculum materials (available on CD and for downloading via the internet) and a clarification of differences in the curricula between participating countries and school levels compared to the keyskills in the trade description of electronics, 2. Recommendations of good practices to partners, 3. the Competition Calendar, which shares mainlines of European vocational skills competitions with other partners and offers the same facilities for the whole of Europe and beyond.
The book gives also mainlines for:
  1. creating a competence analysis which clearly describes the situation of vocational curricula in each partner country and shows the level of finalized studies on initial vocational level and their correspondence to the needs of local industry
  2. analysing of the competences which are essential in vocational skills competitions on national and international level
  3. comparing of acquired competences to the skills needs of a vocational skills competitor on EuroSkills and WorldSkills level