Workpackage no:3, Preparion a proposal for the technical outline
Workpackage leader
ROC Zadkine together with Turku Vocational Institute take responsibility for this package.
Workpackage aims
WP 3 aims at improving of the curriculum to approach the european level, developing of a national and an international curriculum, developing a European training programme and training models, raising awareness of changing skill requirements of the working life among vocational institutes and to analyse the responsive approaches between partner schools, meeting individual and organisational needs of partners, clarifying of differences in training systems of electronics in participating countries and updating and developing a new structure of training for each country.
Description of activities
Introduction to the idea of EuroSkills Competition. Clarification of differences in the curricula of electronics between participating countries and school levels (based to WP2, competence analysis). Teambuilding of teachers, trainers, students and sponsors. Agreement on the level of knowledge and skills according EWT trade EuroSkills Technical Outline document. Starting of preparative work to make a proposal for a technical outline in electronics, which will be taken into use in the next Euroskills competition 2010 or 2012.
Description of methodological / pedagogical framework (where relevant)
In order to achieve the targets of the project and obtain reliable results, it is of vital importance to take notice of working life and the views of the representatives of working life. This will come true in on-the-learning periods which are arranged alongside the competition activities and with using benchmarking visits On the other hand, working life and the views of work organizations in different countries are tinged with national culture, and thus the cooperation between different nationalities is essential when creating a common view on the competition activity. The third viewpoint is the actual competition activity, in other words, when we know what skills will be appraised in the competitions, we must also make sure that the competition tasks appraise those skills reliably. This work package activity allows us to carry out a comparative international study that will help us understand the differences in views on vocational skills and vocational skills competitions between different cultures. Understanding the differences in views between different cultures we will be able to better understand and explain our own thoughts and ways of action, too.
Description of outputs
Final output of this package is a new technical outline proposal for electronics to be used in EuroSkills and national competitions 2010 and 2012.

The package also contains:
  1. Training programme/ training packet, which will be finalized together with partners according their skills and educational needs.
  2. Finalized description of training systems in each partner country, a proposal for contents of common training means and methods on European level, a Cd
The outline will follow the four mainlines:
  1. Section 1: competition, demonstration, interactive event description
  2. Section 2: project design criteria and modular marking
  3. Section 3: description of working processes and specified assessing criteria
  4. Section 4: work floor setup
  5. Section 5: infrastructure list
Because the technical outline and the tasks can be partly used as competence based tasks the product will also be examined by EuroSkills and WSC-experts, national educational establishments and the companies, which work as testing bases for products.