Work package no:4, Preparing of the competition tasks for electronics on national and international levels
Workpackage leader
ROC Zadkine, Turku Vocational Institute and Stredna Skola/ SIOV take responsibility for this package.
Workpackage aims
WP 4 aims at creating of a competition task that bases on the technical outline developed earlier. In this work package tasks are designed in three different modules which can be used separately in national competitions and finally together (after a 30% modification) in EuroSkills competition 2010 and 2012.
Description of activities
All partners are involved and will participate on clarifying, updating and developing the training contents. Clarification of differences in training systems of electronics between participating countries. Clarification of national background in training of electronics and industrial demand. Preparing of competition task modules together with local companies in each country. Planning of mainlines of competition tasks and preparing to the construction of the competition equipment. Collecting of prototype feedback, reconstructing and finalizing the building of competition equipment
Description of methodological / pedagogical framework (where relevant)
Developing the competition tasks into comprehensive project-type tasks requires a profound discussion between the experts about the nature of the tasks and the vocational skills required by them. Individual working and working in teams makes these discussions and collecting of data takes place in meetings and seminars. Finally the tasks will be prepared through the international cooperation of trade experts. In order to achieve the targets of the project and obtain reliable results, it is of vital importance to take notice of working life and the views of the representatives of working life. This will come true in on-the-learning periods which are arranged alongside the competition activities and with using benchmarking visits.
Description of outputs
Mutual understanding of requirements of competition tasks, finalized competition tasks Task of Electronics (Electronics Workshop Team)/ Task is made according the technical outline document, which will be finalized in July and approved by European Skills Promotion Organization ESPO.